Help Me Sell My Car - Case Study

A direct, consumer-only marketplace for everyone trying to sell their cars. Get a custom 3 paragraph description and a TikTok video!


Help Me Sell My Car is an ecommerce application aiming to help consumers in a dealer-saturated market. The project was semi-close to the finish line, but lacked execution. Long story short, there needed to be a middleman to translate stakeholder requirements into technical terms. After we witnessed the Adobe ColdFusion version firsthand, we booted up a more modern project ourselves and completed a rough draft of the application within 72 hours. From there, we helped HMSMC with integrating their rich vehicle data into the application to get it ready for launch!

Project Highlights


The MVP was defined and the UX had entered its rough draft phase. Unfortunately, there were several bugs with the site preventing admins and users from using it. We made the decision to "blitz" the project over a weekend to get it ready for launch.


Several in-person workshops and remote meetings later, we reached a functional product. After blitzing the project, we presented it to the stakeholders who were finally able to browse the application. Now that testing was underway, there were several additional features the site required in order to be competitive with the industry. The list of new features were turned into separate Scrum sprints that will be completed in the future.

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