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How We Work

In order to best serve our clients, we have developed a process that allows us to understand your needs and deliver solutions that exceed expectations.




Your business or idea is a complex system of processes that came right out of your mind! It is time for us to digest all of that.

We take in your dream, pain points, and success metrics to put together an ideal web application.

The first few meetings will mainly be speaking to each other while we map out timeline estimations and expectations. We will discuss the “Minimum Viable Product”, or MVP for short, which entails the most basic version of the application that is fit for launch.

What we need: Your knowledge and experience

What we provide: We analyze all information provided to produce a rough timeline estimate and the scope of the MVP




Our team is now getting all the necessary technologies, pipelines, and project files put together.

Depending on the scope of your project, we may immediately begin prototyping your application. A prototype allows your to browse around the application as if it were already complete. This will allow you to make any last minute design or experience decisions before actual development happens.

What we need: Your availability for kickoff meetings and an open mind

What we provide: We provide solutions, technology decisions, and any possible challenges or blockers we may face




In each workshop meeting, you will see the week’s resulting progress.

We refer to each week as a “sprint” of work. A sprint contains several tasks assigned to our designers and/or developers which helps us estimate your timelines in the most accurate way possible.

What we need: Your availability for workshop meetings and feedback

What we provide: We deliver on actionable items and tasks for you to review in a development environment




We have been through several workshops and iterations of the project and we have met the Minimum Viable Product. It is now time for release!

On our side, it technically is not over just yet as we will need to review the production environment and make adjustments for scalability.

What we need: Celebration! We will still need you for production decisions

What we provide: Future iteration, scalability, and development decisions

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