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Services We Provide

A quick list of our most popular services we provide to our clients.

Web Development
Our bread and butter. Our team of architects and developers will ensure your high performance web application meets both you and your customers needs!
Data Scraping
We have team members trained on the most popular tools for scraping and programmers at the ready to build a custom scraping script should you need it.
Web Design
We consult with designers much better than ourselves to produce the most professional, clean, and modern designs for your web application.
Project Management
Our team utilizes Atlassian's Jira Software, Service Management, etc. to ensure your project is on track and you are always in the loop.
Custom AI Models
Ask us about our proprietary AI models in production! Optical character recognition, image classification, semantic segmentation and more!

Deploy faster

Our Confidence

We are prepared for everything so that you are too.

Backups On Backups
We have a 3-2-1 backup system in place for all applications that are produced by Kahu Software.
Cyber Security Audits
We place copies of your application on their own environment to conduct rigorous attacks against. We also consult with third parties to ensure the most up-to-date security measures are in place.
24 / 7 Availability
We work closely with you and your budget to present the most effective strategy to achieve a 24 / 7 uptime. Our cloud provider partners are always on standby for any possible downtime.
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Frequently asked questions

What does "Kahu" mean?

Kahu means a professional attendant, a priest or a nurse. Given that there are no priests or nurses over here, we like to consider ourselves your professional attendant for all things software.

Why should I consider a software solution?

While you may be able to squish solutions together with online tools such as Zapier or Integromat, you will notice very quickly that they do not bode well for your business in the long term. Requests fail randomly with no logging and most of that backend code is held together with duct tape.

Maybe you want something client-facing, internal-only, or you want more control over you and your customers data.

Give us a chat and we can quickly determine if Kahu is right for you!

How long does a project take?

We get asked this a lot. The answer every time is that it depends. There is never a set timeline for projects and anyone who gives you a timeline without talking about your project most likely considers that their “onboarding fee”.

Luckily, there are no fees to get started here at Kahu Software!

Historically, we have had simple, informational sites take around 4 days. Heavier duty intranets that employees of the client utilize heavily have seen several months to a year implementation.

Are you just reselling overseas development work?

Absolutely not. While we may contract overseas to promote work opportunities, our primary software architecting and development roles are based here in the United States.

Can I "test drive" custom development work?

Not exactly, but we provide case studies and articles to check out our previous work! If you aren’t dead set on a custom software solution, we can always prototype one together without digging into actual development labor. You can even navigate within the prototype as if it was a fully built application!

Can you help with our computer issues?

No, we can not. We get asked sometimes to help with issues outside of the scope of "software", and sadly we do not perform any IT infrastructure solutions.

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