January 24, 2023

How to create deals in HubSpot - the efficient way

Learn about the best ways to create deals records in HubSpot.

by Thomas, Owner

How to create a deal record in HubSpot

The most taught way to create deals is to head to the top navigation, click Sales, then Deals.

Then, all the way to the top right, you will find the Create Deal button.

But what if there was a more efficient way to create your deal records?

The better way

Using HubSpot's mobile app, you can scan your leads' business cards which creates or updates a contact / company record in your HubSpot portal.

  1. From there, head to the contact record.
  2. On the right side of your screen will be the associations with other records in the portal.
  3. Find Deals and click + Add.

Increased Efficiency

Creating deals using this method significantly reduces the number of clicks that could be spent elsewhere in your business. Notice that when you create a deal from a contact record, the associations have already been taken care of for both the contact and company records.

Increased Accuracy

If you have franchisee contact records, you are all too familiar with the naming schemes getting mixed up with another branch. No more! If you are directly on the contact record page, there is more time spent verifying that this is the correct contact you need to create a deal for. The alternative would be manually associating each contact and company record to a clean deal object which can lead to human error.


Thousands of clicks add up over time. You could be saving yourself days of work in the long term by finding the optimal paths for your HubSpot organization. 

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