July 27, 2022

What is "cross-browser compatibility"?

We dive into what cross-browser compatibility is and why it is so important.

by Thomas, Owner

While Google Chrome dominates the market share around the globe, users still prefer specific browsers of their choice. Unfortunately, not every browser displays all websites identically.

Here is the full (almost) list of available browsers on the market from Browser-Update.org

A real world example

Kahu Software experienced this exact issue during the development of this website. You may notice that our homepage banner contains a video for desktop users. That video did not autoplay on iPhones.

The reason this did not work was because of a cross-browser compatibility issue from iOS devices to play video without user interaction. We removed the ability to view the video on mobile devices for that reason and an additional performance issue.

This video autoplaying issue is only one of hundreds that you can encounter when building a web application. It is important to work with a web development company who is aware and up-to-date with these kinds of issues.

Failing to correct cross-browser compatibility issues results in unintended user experiences (bugs) which leads to lost interest and potential clients.

Working cross-browser functionalities

There are several features that work across most major browsers. Most browsers thankfully share similar standards when it comes to supported scripting and markup languages. Another real world example would be the CSS3 Grid property that was used to organize some elements of this site!

Here on the website "Can I Use", you can see which browser versions support the CSS grid property.

Can I Use - CSS3 Grid Support Image

Another example would be the CSS3 Flex property that is used heavily throughout this site.

Can I Use - CSS3 Flex Support Image

Why Kahu Software stands out

Here at Kahu Software, we understand and stay up-to-date with the thousands of issues going on in the web development community right now. We keep your web application competitive within your market by understanding these concepts.

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