January 28, 2023

Our new recurring billing system

Learn more about how we automate our hosting costs for clients!

by Thomas, Owner


Earlier this month, we realized that we were eating all of the hosting costs of our projects. Instead of turning it into a tedious task of reaching out to every single client, it was time to look for a recurring system. We lack a "Professional" license with HubSpot so that we can easily build workflow reminders that send out to clients (nudge, nudge).

Rather than outsource this to another SaaS like Recurly, we remembered that we are a software company! We can build a simplified Recurly!

So we built it

Manual labor begone!

We have completed a simple system that interfaces directly with our administration panel. We have the ability to assign products with custom descriptions that fit each client so that they know exactly what they're keeping online.

After 30 days of non-payment, the hosted application will enter a "maintenance mode". 60 days, backup and service shutdown.

Email reminders go out ever week letting the client know just how long they have before their hosting deactivates.

What about payment?

We have partnered with Stripe to take care of our payment processing. This gives our clients the ability to use all kinds of payment methods. Credit card, ACH, Venmo, etc.!


It's always fun to have a software company present during pain points. Do you have any kind of issue? Build it!

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