November 04, 2023

The Current Versions of PHP and Laravel

This blog quickly goes over the most up-to-date versions to mitigate risk in your projects!

by Thomas, Owner

What is this?

This is a quick article to keep web developers up to date with the most recent versions of both the Laravel framework and the programming language that powers it, PHP.

As web developers, it's crucial to stay informed about the latest updates in the technologies we use. This is especially true for PHP and its popular framework, Laravel, which have both seen significant updates in their recent versions. At the time of this writing, the Laravel ecosystem has evolved to version 10, and PHP has advanced to version 8.2. Keeping track of these updates is made easier with resources like Laravel Versions and PHP Releases, which are invaluable for developers who want to stay on top of changes and improvements.

Why Stay Updated?

Ignoring updates can expose your web applications to several risks:

We encourage you to check out the official release notes and the upgrade guides found over on

Happy coding!

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