Case Study

On Track Promotions

An artificial intelligence, photography distribution intranet.

by Thomas, Owner


On Track Promotions is the official photography company for and Superkarts USA!. The company has been packaging hundreds of thousands of professional photographs for drivers for ~23 years. Kahu Software entered the scene after learning of the massive amount of manual labor within their business processes to fulfill orders. We worked directly with the owners of On Track Promotions to create an artificial intelligence model to assist with their business process, a new ecommerce webstore to create a faster checkout experience, an auto-population tool that distributes photographs across their hundreds of customers, and a new administration panel to manage everything.

What We Did


We like to tackle the hardest challenges first while keeping the entire scope of the project in mind. That challenge would be the two different artificial intelligence models we create to tag keyword metadata to photographs. Once a proof of concept demonstrated an average 60% accuracy, we moved on towards the business intranet side of the company (the models can be retrained and fine-tuned in parallel). There was a massive undertaking after thousands of photos were taken during events to tag each one manually then distribute them to their Dropbox folders. We developed a distribution system to automatically populate the customers' folders with their images. Simply upload a .zip file of everything and the system populates customer folders instantly.


The web store was launched in record time in order to accommodate an upcoming event. The system was tested against thousands of photos to ensure that customers would receive their images quickly and efficiently. The first event on January 13, 2023 was a success with some simple bug fixes and AI retraining. The distribution system met expectations and customers raved about the system.

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