Case Study

VPM Solutions

A marketplace dealing with several countries and currencies

by Thomas, Owner


VPM Solutions is the first property management marketplace for companies to find skilled virtual assistants across the globe. The platform rivals that of Fiverr and Upwork by hosting a modern web application with significantly less fees for both the employer and virtual assistant. Traditionally, marketplace platforms take 20% from the virtual assistant for working through their platform. With VPM, a virtual assistant is only charged 10%. As of June 2022, 10,000 virtual assistants have registered with the site and are ready to work.

What We Did

Framework Conversion Laravel Vue.js Multiple payment gateways


The client’s internal engineering team was familiar with Vue.js and Laravel, so the obvious choice were those frameworks. The application was prototyped into a browseable format to allow stakeholders the opportunity to make adjustments and approve final drafts before actual coding took place. Because of the scale of the project, flowcharts had to be produced to make sure no business decision was missed throughout the application.


With the assistance of the client’s marketing team, a separate CMS was used to manage the “homepage” of the business. The application remains fully functional with several new features implemented after passing off the project to the internal engineering team.
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