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Integrity Booking connects diverse artists with live music bookings and private events.


Integrity Booking works with the agents of talented music artists to connect them with the best bookings and private events. Kahu Software was called at the perfect time right before their Wix site completely crashed out of the blue. We worked with Integrity Booking to bring them a brand new website without the horrid constraints of Wix.

Project Highlights

Laravel Vue.js

Web app development


We first began with the major issue of GoDaddy's email services sending all mail directly to recipients’ spam folders. After 7 phone calls and transfers with GoDaddy's controversial support, we managed to get into the email server's admin panel to configure it correctly. In parallel, we began prototyping the brand new site while making note of the many missing SEO features of the current site. Unfortunately, the current site went permanently offline due to a misconfiguration from their previous provider. We re-pointed the domain's DNS to us and whipped up a temporary landing page within 30 minutes of the site being offline..


A few days of development later, we had the entire site complete with anti-spam forms and their very own administration panel to change every aspect of the site! We also identified a piece of their business process that could be transformed into a client questionnaire reducing a large chunk of email communication if not completely removing it. Integrity Booking is officially the fastest and highest scoring site in our portfolio!

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