Studio 52 - Case Study

An photography image distribution web application


Studio 52 is an award-winning photography and video business focused on creating client first content based out of Dallas, TX. Studio 52 had a similar situation of On Track Promotions. Luckily, we had already built out a similar architecture! We worked directly with the owners of Studio 52 to create a new ecommerce webstore to create a faster checkout experience, an auto-population tool that distributes photographs across their hundreds of customers, and a new administration panel to manage everything.

Project Highlights


Our proof of concept was On Track Promotions. After both owners were introduced and review the OTP process, Studio 52 was immediately on board. We efficiently got their own site initialized within a week and pushed it to production!


The web store was launched in Q1 2023 in order to accommodate an upcoming event. The system was tested against thousands of photos to ensure that customers would receive their images quickly and efficiently. The first event on March 9, 2023 was a success! The distribution system met expectations and customers raved about the system.

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